Release Dr Kafeel immediately, wife Dr Shabista writes to journalists

23rd of march , As supreme court ordered that released all the prisoners under punishment of less than 7 years and my husband has been booked for NSA which is one year of punishment , his enquiry committee had been discussed about his matter & decision was about to come on 29 march . But in between supreme court had been ordered for releasing the prisoner . Dr Kafeel Khan was to be realeased on parole after the supreme court order of 23 march . His name was on the list on 29 of march in morning as my husband had been called me at 3.16 pm by jail PCO & also said he was about to release in evening of march 29 . By suddenly from Lucknow has called to jailor for stop the releasing of Dr Kafeel Khan . So he is still in jail for not any crime.
_ Dr Shabista Khan
wife of Dr Kafeel Khan

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