Release People’s Poet Varavara Rao & ensure his effective treatment; Women Poets of Kerala


Release People’s Poet Varavara Rao & ensure his effective treatment

We, the Women Poets of Kerala condemn the unconstitutional custody of the people’s poet, Varavara Rao which has led to the situation of the poet becoming covid positive. We believe the case of his arrest to be groundless and against the norms of the constitution. Citizen groups and Human Rights activists of national and international repute has repeatedly reminded the government about the seriousness of the situation and the poet’s family had pleaded with the government to release the octogenarian poet considering his health and age.In his last phone call he was found to be hallucinating and the family strongly suspected memory loss. The repeated demands for his release have been neglected .After many interventions,the poet was transferred to JJ Hospital, Mumbai where he was left unattended and when his family visited him, to their shock, they found him in a urine soaked bed. When they tried to change the bed sheets, the family was asked to leave the hospital premises. The veteran poet has now been transferred to St George Hospital, a state-run COVID facility. The poet’s health is deteriorating day by day and there is an urgent need for him to be admitted in a super speciality hospital.

We would like to remind the government that prisoners also have human rights and it should be respected and fulfilled.

We condemn this callousness of the state and demand immediate release of the people’s poet Varavara Rao and to ensure effective treatment of the poet.

Women Poets’ Group from Kerala.

Savithri Rajeevan
Asha Latha
Dona Mayoora
Nishy George
Arathy Ashok
Mithra Neelima
Manju Unnikrishnan
Sampreetha Kesavan
Dhanya M D Pinky
Chithira Kusuman
Jisha K
Samudra Neelima
Bindu Sajiv
Aleena Akasamittayi
Rajani P.V
Aruna Alancheri
Sunitha Rani
Aswani R jeevan
Chinchu Zorba Rosa
Regila Saji
Athira R
Saboora Miyanath
Sethulakshmi C
Leela Solomon
Gayathri Suresh Babu

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