16 Activists 1 False Case

The Bhima Koregaon incident is a naked attack on the democratic right of the masses to criticize the government. That the alleged links to CPI-Maoist and the plot to kill Prime Minister Modi were ridiculous conspiracies cooked up by the draconian NIA, have been proved by a new report from Arsenal Consulting, a Massachusetts-based digital forensic firm who examined a copy of Rona Wilson’s laptop on his defence lawyer’s request.

The report yielded that the flimsy documents which were passed off as evidence had been planted previously by hackers during a time span of two years before the incident. The Hindutva fascist government had been planning these mass trials, similar in nature to the Reichstag trials of Hitler, for a long time.

The 16 activists have been imprisoned for more than two years just because they made the masses aware of their democratic rights.

RSF demands the immediate and unconditional release of BK-16 and all other political prisoners.


_ Revolutionary Students’ Front – RSF

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