Hyenas have more manners than India’s mainstream media

Hyenas have more manners than India’s mainstream media. Their ecstasy in finding and fabricating reports against marginalised groups is unparallel. But a pattern follows. Najeeb, Sharjeel, TabligiJamaat, you and me are all going to be linked with a terrorist outfit. Then they will sit with the secret services of the country and interrogate us. A fellow senior officer will come out with grave concern about our radicalised mind and lack of discipline. A good scandal to make sure we are disowned by the community. A previous link will be established, the timeline of an innocent person to the most dangerous threat will be carried out. most vocal for us will become our accomplice in many acts… The master’s guideline to win a bone will be someday revealed. stay away from rabies.
_ Shaheen Abdulla

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