SFI- Stooge of Kerala Police and NIA!

To all the SFI cadres out there, You are part of a Traitorous organisation which is helping the suppressing tool of the state, NIA and Kerala Police! National Investigation Agency has moved to court citing the report of Kerala Police that Comrade Allan has violated bail conditions. This is in wake of the fake ragging case filed by SFI against Allan when he and his friends resisted physical attacks by SFI goondas on other students at his campus.

Students and even SFI cadres of Kannur Pallayad Campus who got fed up with SFI have testified that the case was fabricated and was an act of revenge against the students who oppose the authoritarian and social fascist tendencies of SFI.

Now NIA has got the opportunity to seek the cancellation of Allan’s bail to send him back to jail with the help of SFI. SFI knows that if a case is registered against him, there will be severe legal consequences against Allan. This was done intentionally! When SFI is boasting against UA(P)A and in favour of political prisoners, the reality is far behind in Kerala! Look at the level at which they stooped to silence and suppress the dissenters! Where are Independence, Democracy and Socialism?

I would like to share my personal experience. On 3rd November 2021, a DYFI cadre who was on my committee when I was in DYFI informed me that, the DYFI Block treasurer asked him to collect my basic details. The Block treasurer knows me personally and he has my contact. He was SFI Area Secretary when I was an Area Secretariat member. The DYFI cadre found it suspicious and he informed me. I messaged the Block treasurer and he denied it and was beating around the bush.

I kept on asking him and told him that I was informed by the cadre. This leader messaged that cadre and scolded him for informing me. The cadre bravely asked, you could have asked the details for yourself, especially of a person whom you know personally.

I kept on asking the leader and he told me he was tasked by the President of the organisation to collect my details. He also asked whether my father is a Congress sympathiser and do I have the intention to come back to work for CPI(M)). I know these things were for hiding something and I replied in return, I was ousted from two area committees ( SFI Area President of Angamaly Area Committee and SFI Area Secretariat of Vytilla Area Committee) by SFI on the same day. So what’s the point in collecting details of a former SFI leader? He told me that I have to ask others.

Without much interest, he told it was the SFI district president who tasked him. In the morning I called the district secretary and informed him about it. He told he will enquire and call back. He called me again and said, An Intelligence Bureau officer from Kozhikode contacted the SFI Ernakulam District committee and asked for my details and that’s why the DYFI leader enquired. I asked the Secretary if the police want to do something against me, why is the SFI district president helping despite knowing the nature of the police? I also asked, is not it wrong for a communist to help police who are trying to suppress every democratic voice? The secretary tried to make me calm and he tried to water the situation.

The SFI District president who tasked the DYFI leader called me. He was superbly acting as if he don’t know anything about the incident. He told he will enquire and tell me. The funny thing is that it was he who tasked the DYFI leader to enquire about me after IB called the District office. He told he knows what is police and he doesn’t have any intention to help the police. If he was not acting, who tasked the DYFI leader and for what? If he didn’t have any intention to help the police, why did he task the DYFI leader to collect my details? They could have easily said no when a Police officer tasks to collect details of a Non-SFI activist. The above-said District president of SFI is the present SFI Kerala State Secretary! (As evidence, I got all the phone records and WhatsApp chats) This is SFI ( Social Fascists of India) and they are Stooges of state when they are part of the government!
_ Rejaz M Sheeba Sydeek


Photo_ Allan Shuaib, Rejaz M Sheeba Sydeek

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