So they are ensuring his slow death

All medical textbooks say keeping ‘Indwelling urethral catheter’ for a long time will be harmful. A medical website says, “A well-established risk for the development of a urinary tract infection is the duration of catheterization. When a catheter is in place, the daily risk of developing infection ranges from 3% to 7%. When a catheter remains in place for up to a week, the risk for bacteriuria increases to 25%, and at 1 month the risk is almost 100%. The patients with bacteriuria develop symptoms of fever, dysuria, urgency, frequency, suprapubic tenderness and bacteremia. This bacteremia (bloodstream infection) can lead to more serious complications.”

Catheter was fixed on Varavara Rao by the time he was discharged from Nanavati Hospital and sent to Taloja Jail on August 28. That means 75 days ago. All these days it was neither removed, nor replaced nor infection was checked and rectified.

Jail authorities, State government, NIA and judiciary are insensitive, indifferent, cruel and do not even follow humanitarian principles or Rule of Law!!
_ N Venugopal

#ReleasethePoet #ReleaseVaravaraRao #ReleaseAllPoliticalPrisoner