Two types of Journalists !

Rejaz M Sydeek

The eyes which failed to see the shades of emergency when Sidheeq Kappan was arrested is now condemning the arrest of Arnab and is equating the arrest with Emergency Period !

The liberals & Sanghis out there are crying aloud for Arnab Goswami. Shame on you for using the hashtag Assault on Journalism, Curbing Freedom of Expression and Right to Journalism.

The barking Journalist was not arrested for reporting against central government- state government’s anti-people policies, Arnab Cowsami who is more like a BJP Spokesperson is arrested for abetment of suicide of an interior designer and his mother and also for financial cheating.

This person has labelled Dissenters with Anti-BJP Politics as Criminals and Anti Nationals during the debates. In short, he promoted Hate through his journalism against minorities & Young Dissenters. Now the Whole India knows who the real criminal is.

On the other side, We have Sidheeq Kappan. A journalist from Kerala who is also Delhi unit secretary of KUWJ( Kerala Union of Working Journalists). He’s currently jailed in Mathura Jail of Uttar Pradesh under UAP(A) and other Draconian laws of Hindutva. Why was he arrested?

Did he commit any crime?

Yes, he committed a crime. He went to report the Hathras Rape Case in which a Dalit girl was raped by Upper Caste Thakur men. The journalist and three others were arrested while they were on their way to Hathras.

Isn’t reporting or doing Journalism in Perspective of People and Truth a Crime in Hindutva India?

Yes because of it, the liberals don’t give a shit about Sidheeq Kappan. Meanwhile, Sidheeq is a Muslim, so it gives an extra reason for the state to implicate him as a terrorist. The silence on his arrest and the drama over Arnab’s arrest shows the real interests of Medias, Activists and State.

We need Journalists like Sidheeq Kappan who doesn’t lick the state like Arnab who bends before the Hindutva Fascists.

we need Journalists like Kappan whose pen scares them, not like the biased Journalist Arnab Cowsami who barks at guests during debates and use the words like Pakistan, Love Jihad, Naxals, Maoists, Tukde Tukde Gang for his arguments.

Raise your fist for Sidheeq Kappan. Identify and isolate the selective activists who raised their voice for Arnab.
Release Sidheeq Kappan and all other jailed Journalists. Ensure Freedom of Journalism.

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