A Letter to Dear Students and My Fellow Teachers

A Letter to Dear Students and My Fellow Teachers
by Prof. GN Saibaba
Political Prisoner
13th February 2018

I dream of being in my classroom
day and night fettered behind
the strong iron beams
of my tiny solitary prison cell.
I see you, talk to you
and hug you by the force
of my frail land challenged life
in my unchained mind’s eye
as the desire for freedom
flows through the sinews
and veins of my bloodstream
even as I am caged
far away from you.
Teaching is my forte,
breath and life, you know
I embraced literature
for it clasps us with
our troubled histories,
philosophies and economics
of pangs of pain, tears,
fears and hopes
for a bright new day.
The cage of lies,
seditious clauses
and conspiratorial confabulations
confine and keep me away
from your intimate and critical
engagement with knowledge
and warm affection for the liberty
of the trampled earth.

#FreeSaibaba #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners #StopWarOnPeople #SmashFascism

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