“Hindutva-Haathi”- Dedicated to Bhakts, Selective Criticisers, Ratan Tata, Virat Kohli and Pseudo Elephant Lovers

To the selective criticisers especially Ratan Tata and Virat Kohli who condemned and protested against Elephant’s murder, we didn’t see you protesting when Dalits, Muslims, migrants, poor people were murdered by Fascists and Hindutva Government. Ratan Tata don’t forget that you murdered Adivasis and Maoists using state machinery, police, paramilitary for building your company. You got human blood on your hands !!!!

“Hindutva-Haathi” Dedicated to Bhakts, Selective Criticisers (Ratan Tata, Virat Kohli&others) and Pseudo Elephant Lovers…

_ Rejaz M Sydeek

Bhakts are inciting spreading Islamophobia through social media platforms by sharing that a Pregnant Elephant (sacred for Hindus) was killed by Muslims at Kerala in a Muslim populated area. They were referring to Malappuram District which is always a “mote” for Hindu Rashtra Fantasizers.

Neither the Veterinary doctor who conducted the postmortem nor the forest officers and witnesses told that the elephant had Hindutva threads and symbols on her trunk & body. Male elephants wearing Janeu/ POONOOL( sacred thread of brahmins ) have not claimed her carcass. This confirms and will make the hatemongers depressed after knowing that she was not a Hindu 😢.

They twisted & communalised this unfortunate death of an elephant who was also pregnant after BJP leader and Animal Rights Activist Maneka Gandhi made an Islamophobic tweet which referred Malappuram District as the most violent district of India. Twitter accounts and Facebook posts of Bhakts were sharing the demographics of Malappuram district . Inhumane Bhakts were mainly abusing Muslims instead of paying respect to the poor animal. Till now Maneka Gandhi has not rectified the District’s name from Malappuram to Palakkad. 

Initially, news reports and posts on social media were like, local people purposefully fed the pregnant elephant with pineapple stuffed crackers. The truth is that the 15-year-old Pregnant Elephant was killed at Palakkad District near Mannarkkad forest area after it ventured out of silent valley national park of western ghats into a nearby village in search of food&water. It ate a coconut  laced with crackers from a farm and it exploded in her mouth injuring her tongue, mouth and other parts. Though there were efforts by the forest officers with the help of trained kumki elephants to lead her out of the water after the animal was spotted on May 23rd, the severely injured elephant didn’t cooperate and she died standing in water on May 27th.

Local farmers use Pineapple , coconut  filled with crackers, country-made bombs against wild boars and pigs which regularly destroy their crops. We can’t blame the farmers because a better scientific alternate solution is not found to deal with these wild boars& pigs without killing them. On 5th June , a rubber tapper named Wilson, Who carries out farming in areas around Ambalappara was arrested by Police for his involvement in the mammal’s death . He confessed that Coconut mixed with explosives were used , but they didn’t intentionally fed the elephant . He also added that it was meant for trapping wild pigs and boars.

Before State government takes action against the farmers for killing the elephant, make sure that the farmers crops will not be destroyed in future. We need a permanent solution in such a way that neither the wild animals nor the farmers get affected. We should also study & solve the reasons for depletion of natural water, lack of animal friendly facilities in parks.

 It’s double stand when Animal rights Activists and Governments speaks only against the poor farmers for laying traps for protecting their crops because the same criticisers don’t have the guts to speak against the Capitalists .Maneka Gandhi should also protest against the destruction of forest by corporates with the help of BJP Central Government. Many Corporate companies including Vedanta , Tata are destroying forests in States like Jharkhand , Bihar , Chattisgarh and other forest rich states.Destruction of forest means the destruction of animals .The Corporates who destroys the habitats of wild animals by clearing the forests for their factories should be prosecuted. While protecting their land&forest , tribals are either jailed or killed by the Suppresing tool of the state , Police/Army. 

Veterinary Doctors & forest officials said the injuries of the dead elephant  might be at least 2 weeks old and there might be possibilities of her travelling. Even if she ate that fruit from Malappuram District which neighbours Palakkad district, on what basis can these sanghis defame the district as violent and twist it with an Islamophobic angle?. The Hindutva sympathisers first targeted the Non-Sangh Parivar state, Kerala for this incident. They blamed Malayalees (Keralites)  for being cruel to the animal by mentioning the literacy rate of Kerala sarcastically. Since this didn’t work out, Hindutva sympathisers who are Islamophobic in nature changed the location of the incident from Palakkad District to Malappuram District( one of the few districts in India with Muslim majority population). Sangh Parivar mouthpiece Republic TV’s online news called the elephant’s death as Malappuram Incident. 

BJP leader and former union minister Maneka Gandhi also tweeted that Malappuram District is infamous for its criminal activities. But for Malayalees, Malappuram which literally means a land atop hills is famous for its mouthwatering signature foods, rivers, hills, secularism, rich tradition&culture. The Sangh Parivar woman leader whose political party murdered/lynched several muslims & dalits in name of cow vigilantism didn’t forget to shed some crocodile tears for the elephant. Why are BJP-RSS leaders fooling the people that it happened at “Malappuram” District ?. This is because the Demographics of Malappuram District has disturbed them. Earlier BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has said , “Hand over malappuram to Armt and enforce the inhumane AFSPA law there” . 

It’s pure “ISLAMOPHOBIA”, BJP-RSS-pro Hindutva leaders have called  Malappuram District as Mini Pakistan & Mini Kashmir. Pakistan and Kashmir are beautiful & heavenly but the BJP leaders refer Malappuram to Kashmir and Pakistan because of their Islamophobic hatred ideologies. Tweets asking for the implementation of NRC – CAA in between condemning the animal’s death shows the real intention of sanghis. Maneka Gandhi should immediately apologise publicly for hurting the sentiments of Malappuram residents & Malayalees. She should also ask Cyber Bhakts & WhatsApp University Students to refrain from sharing such hate tweets.Meanwhile Sanghis are spreading new fake news that the dead wild animal’s name was Umadevi . 

Dear Bhakts never forget the history of Malappuram, they got the rich history of Malabar Revolution (1921)which was revolutionary in action. They took their swords, guns, knives, spears against the British Government and their Brahmanical stooges. But Bhakts called it a riot, genocide by Muslims on Hindus. Public will never forgive you for editing the History !!! Though the armed movement was inspired by Khilafat movement, later it transformed into a revolution which was socialist & secular in nature led by peasants, workers, landless labourers and common people of Malabar. They killed British officers, Brahmanical landlords who exploited-robbed-raped & stood with British. They also killed Muslim &Hindu collaborators who betrayed the revolution. They killed whoever exploited the poor people irrespective of religion (retired Muslim police officer&British collaborator Chekutty’s beheading is an example for it ). Since it was Muslims who led the rebellion, British & Bhakts gave it the colour of communal violence. Malappuram people are the descendants of Ali Musliyar, Variyankunnath Kunjahammed Haji, Chemban Poker, not your bootlicker Sorrykar (Savrkar).

To the selective criticisers especially Ratan Tata and Virat Kohli who condemned & protested against Elephant’s murder, we didn’t see you protesting when Dalits, Muslims, migrants, poor people were murdered by Fascists and Hindutva Government. Ratan Tata don’t forget that you murdered Adivasis and Maoists using state machinery, police, paramilitary for building your company. You got human blood on your hands !!!! Where was Virat Kohli and Sara Ali Khan when poor Innocent migrant workers  were crushed to death by the government ? We didn’t see the people who cried for a pregnant elephant crying for pregnant student leader Safoora Zargar who is still languishing in Tihar jail under UAPA act for protesting against NRC – CAA. What was her crime? She was a Muslim student studying at Jamia Milia University who led peaceful protests against NRC-CAA and Hindutva. She also deserves support & solidarity from the society who sincerely empathised with the elephant. 

And finally to the pseudo elephant lovers, If you are so much concerned about Elephants, first raise your Fist & protest against the torturing of Elephants by temples & festival committees. It’s the same RSS and Hindutva sympathisers who cheer when elephants are brought for festivals. Most of the temple committee office bearers will be from upper caste and Hindutva organisations, first Maneka Gandhi should ask her pro- Hindutva brothers to stop this business & drama. But they all are blind&deaf to these animal’s tears and pains which are used for glamour & glitz of festivals under the guise of religion for mere PROFIT. 

*Smash Hindutva *Fight Islamophobia *Protect Wild Animals *Protect Farmers
With Revolutionary greetings ,
_ Rejaz M Sydeek