Kashmir name is itself a Resistance

Syed Ali shah Geelani once said, India don’t need people of Kashmir but land of Kashmir and they want to change the Muslim majority into the Muslim minority by the abrogation of 370…

_ Danish Hameed
Columnist and Undergraduate student from South Kashmir, Kulgam District

When Kashmir conflict started in 1947 after the partition of indo-pak suddenly we gave India into the cold shoulder and we became in a tantalizing way from seven decades. Situation of kashnir is more dreadful by Indian brutal forces to continue atrocities, oppressions and brutality in our kashmir. We struggled for 72, since the day the British decided to end their rules of 200-years on the indian subcontinent we all know about that after the partition it divided into the two separate Nations, Muslim majority Pakistan and Hindu majority India. We Kashmirians have resisted indian occupation and brutality for years, we are witness to each and every act of of atrocities done by India used through nefarious policies and through using a tool of military forces.

In 1989 first armed struggle wing organisation came into Kashmir under the foundation by Amanullah khan and co-founder was poineer of our resistance namely “Maqbool Bhat”, it’s ultimate motive was only to get rid from this oppression and Syed Ali shah Geelani once said, India don’t need people of Kashmir but land of Kashmir and they want to change the Muslim majority into the Muslim minority by the abrogation of 370. i am lil bit confused about that because there is no even a single day when we can not see the blood shedding, we can not see the Kashmir streets which is filled by our martyrs blood. Every day is Karbala in Kashmir, Thousands if Young youths were Martyrd by India’s oppression, thousands languishing in Jails, behind the bars without no crime, disappearances at its peak, pellet victims like Hiba Fatima 3 months old baby has got pellets in her both eyes and recently Owais Ahmad Malik nine years old from pulwama district has got two metals in his one he said, I hate light, it increases pain is not it brutal attacks on we kashmiris.

Indian people befooled by media they thought one who picked up gun in Kashmir they belongs to poor categories I realise it in my life but I want to rectify it here who was Burhan want, Zakir Musa, Dr Manan want, professor Mohd Rafi, Ashfaq majeed, Subzar bhat, They are well educated assets and Megaicons Everyone you need to read the biographies of said mentioned Megaicons, who are they actually, who forced them to pick up the Gun, yes answer is quiet real that is India’s Brutal actions on Kashmir. Indeed they are poius souls and one day it is not forgetting about. It is our fate or destiny we will see the dawn of freedom by giving up our blood, Time, pen and many more alternatives, Kashmirians are ready to sacrifice anything for this cause. Resistance is:

In 2016 When Burhan want achieved Martyrdom whole Kashmir has been hit and uprising mass protests. I wanna to put here one thing which is happened on 8, July 2016 in my village. I was not in my home when Burhan wani was trapped in kokernag area if anantnag district. I attended weekly ijtimah of student organization after when I left this ijtimah so I came back to home but in road side one of my friend scrolled down news feed on Facebook, I saw a news regarding that Burhan wani gunned down, It was really excruciating news no one expected at that time, really burhani wani Martyrd ? Left friend and gone to home back my father told me Burhan wani Martyrd on this day my whole Dumbstruck to heard this news and we don’t ate anything on this night, papa told me where is the key of our local masjid, I want to shout out Naara(Slogans) but suddenly Two youngsters of my village came into road and shouts “Burhan Tere Khoon see Inquilaab Aayega”.

whole village get into panic and everyone left home and came into road and March protest towards SOG camp near Qaimoh area and in Uniform forces started firing towards Protesters and one of my School hit by bullet and he succumbed, martyrd onspot he was from kulpora area of Kulgam district may be I thought he was the first martyr of Kashmir in 2016 after the uprising of mass protests in Kashmir. In nutshell More they suppressed us more we fall like woodfire, more we resisted because history is witness, Voice of freedom rises in each and every passing day, in other words we can say India’s aggression is fuelling Kashmiri resistance. There is no year in Kashmir when we witness another violent year or Kashmir on the boil again, we will face may be turmoil again. Kashmir would never accept what it did on August 5.  From 5 the August there is still violence, thousand deaths happened, Lodged Fir, disappearances Internet blockade.

In the month of Ramadhan more than 50 young buds gave up to Kashmir for this cause, dear world Ramadhan is not calm for everyone and currently Nawakadal tragedy was among the dreadful tragedy in Kashmir were three civilians and two Armed fighters got Martyrd among them one was 14 years old Namelys Basim Aijaz, last words was really painful to me he said “Tresh, Mea Leaj Tresh”(Water,I feel thirsty). In this Tragedy 15 houses were rubbles down and miltary forces stole every household products such as gold, Rupees, and even gas cylinder, but kashniriyat is still alive victims got 3 crore in a 3 days.

Conclusion: There is no other single day when two to three young buds can’t join the caravan of martyrs. Courage like Kashmiri mother’s, You have don’t but remember Kashmir name is itself a resistance it will be till the last breath of freedom.

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