If Political Prisoners gets affected with Covid 19, Who is responsible?

Rejaz M Sydeek

If Political Prisoners gets affected with Covid 19, who is responsible? Maoist Political Activist, Comrade Roopesh who is lodged in Solitary Confinement of Viyyur Central Prison is tested Positive for Covid. How come a person in solitary confinement is infected with Covid? During the Last Independence Day Celebrations at the High-Security Prison of Viyyur, Prisoners were forced to participate in the celebration which had a crowd of 40-60+ participation. Those prisoners including the Maoist prisoners who told that they won’t participate in the celebrations were illegally jailed inside the Jail for hours.

Prisoners including Maoist Prisoner Danish said they were denied Bedding and facility to Make Phone Calls. The jails of Kerala are congested and the no of inmates is higher than the actual capacity of the prison. The government should at least give parole until this pandemic gets over or bail out the undertrials in wake of this covid pandemic. Political Prisoners who are charged with UAPA for their Dissent should not be discriminated and they also should be bailed out. At Present Comrade Roopesh is admitted at Thrissur Medical College for Treatment.


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