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Press note 7 September 2020
Bhima Koregaon Shaurya Din Prerana Abhiyan

Shahir Sagar Gorkhe and Shahir Ramesh Gaichor, both members of Bhima Koregoan Shauryadin Prerna Abhiyan and Kabir Kala Manch have been arrested by the NIA under the Modi government. NIA has summoned both Shahir Sagar Gorkhe and Shahir Ramesh Gaychor on multiple occasions for questioning. Under the guise of questioning, they were repeatedly threatened arrest unless they turn witness for the state. They were threatened, “you have to become witness for the state under CRPC clause 164 and admit (falsely) that you went to the jungle in Gadchiroli and met Naxals there and that you have connections to Naxalites. unless you agree to this we will arrest you.”

Even in these conditions both Shahirs did not bend to the pressure imposed by the NIA and scrambled their scheme. At this point, various Human rights activists, lawyers, professors, and authors have been arrested regarding Bhima Koregaon Eilgar parishad matter. This conniving state is now targetting Ambedkarite activists who have fought against the brahminical regime through constitutional means. These activists have been one with the people understanding their sorrow, pain, and struggle. It is clear that nor Pune Police nor NIA have nay proof to justify these arrests. The arrests are being used to stifle the voices of social activists.

Bhima Koregoan Shauryadin Prerna Abhiyan condemns the arrests of Shahir Sagar Gorkhe and Shahir Ramesh Gaychor. We ask everyone to join hands to call for the release of all activists arrested under false pretense.

Sharing the video appeal of Sagar and Ramesh before arrest with Press note

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