Sanghi Goons Trying to Disrupt Peaceful Protests Around Delhi With Police Connivance

Sanghi Cowards Issue Death Threat to AIKS Maharashtra State Secretary Dr. Ajit Nawale. Sanghi Goons Trying to Disrupt Peaceful Protests Around Delhi With Police Connivance. AIKS Condemns the Organised Violence at Singhu Border by the Sangh Parivar…
_ Press Release, All India Kisan Sabha*
29th January, 2021

All India Kisan Sabha condemns the Sangh Parivar efforts to instigate violence against farmers peacefully protesting against the Anti-Farmer Acts brought by the Narendra Modi led BJP Government. In the most atrocious manner they are issuing death threats to leaders of the Kisan movement. AIKS condemns the death threats issued to Dr. Ajit Nawale, AIKS leader and State Secretary of Maharashtra on social media by Sanghi cyber goons who threatened to shoot him if he continues the struggle against the BJP government. AIKS demands strong deterrent action against them. No farmer leader is going to be cowed down by such cowardly threats or threats of police action.

AIKS condemns the planned violence at Singhu Border by organised goons supporting the ruling party. AIKS also notes that the Sangh Parivar has orchestrated violent groups with active connivance of the Uttar Pradesh and Haryana police at Gazipur, Palwal, Shahjahanpur and is seeking to create a civil strife kind of a situation. The BJP Government and police in connivance with anti-social elements were responsible for inciting the violence on Republic Day. The people have seen through their gameplan to defame the farmers movement.

The ruling classes are rattled by the growing strength of the farmers movement despite the malicious campaign by the BJP Government and corporate media and resorting to such cowardly actions. AIKS calls upon all democratic sections to come out in support of the farmers and isolate the organised violent gangs and their masters.
_Dr Ashok Dhawale
Hannan Mollah
General Secretary

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