Save the life of E Abubackar

Save the life of E. Abubackar.
Don’t let there be another Stan Samy..
December 10, Human Rights Day.
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The trial prisoners, other prisoners, and political prisoners are fighting legal battles to save their own lives. It was as if the judiciary was playing in the hands of executive power and implementation of oppression. The death of Stan Sammy, who has fallen into the swamp of lawlessness, tells us that this is not in accordance with a civilized society.

It is the responsibility of modern society to ensure that there is no more Stan Sammy. Be it trial prisoners, convicted prisoners or remand prisoners, there can be no difference: dying in prison without treatment is extremely inhumane and illegal.

Unlike earlier times, those who are in prison are constantly seeking refuge in the courts to save their lives.
The legal battles fought by the accused in the Bhima Koregaon case to save their lives were the cases that caught the attention of the whole world. The cases of Stan Sami and Varavarao… The Supreme Court constantly intervened in the demand for Dr. G.N.Saibaba’s treatment. The court upheld Stan Sammy’s demand to allow a straw to drink a glass of water only after the trial of 15 days. The Bombay High Court recorded that this news shocked them.!!

A similar case is also pending in the Delhi High Court today. Former Popular Front leader Shri E. Abubackar is now involved in a legal battle to save his life. E. Abubackar has been absent from active politics since 2019 when he was recently arrested as the former chairman of the banned Popular Front in India. He is suffering from diseases like cancer, Parkinson, diabetes and high blood pressure and he is bound to lie at a 30-degree angle. Today in prison he has lost 8 kg weight and his cancer is progressing incessantly. He is unable to lie down and is in a more dangerous situation in prison due to vomiting. The Delhi High Court has asked for adequate treatment, but the authorities are denying treatment in the jail. He is currently being shifted to a hospital but is not receiving adequate treatment.

Similar incidents are reported in all Indian jails. It is the responsibility and duty of the government and the prison authorities to save the life of the accused, even if he is a criminal. We request all concerned authorities to fulfil their due responsibility to the constitutional and International norms.

We, the undersigned, also request the concerned authorities to provide Mr. Abubackar with adequate treatment and provide bail for expert treatment.

Anti- Brahminical-HindutvaFascist Front- Kerala State Committee.

Signatories to the statement,

Meena Kanthasamy
Adv. P.A. Pauran (PUCL)
K.K.S. Das (Poet)
A. Vasu(Gro Vasu)
Mirzad Rahman (Welfare Party)
Wasim.R.S. (Fraternity Movement )
A.M. Nadwi (Minority Rights Watch)
K.S.A Karim (Journalist)
Jolly Chirayat (Cine Actress)
Sreeja Neiyatinkara
M.N. Ravunni
K. Murali
Ajayan Mannur
Adv. P.O. John
Adv. Kasthuridevan
Adv. P Chandrasekhar
Adv. KV Bhadrakumari
Adv. PK Ibrahim
Adv.Tushar Nirmal
John Kanakkari
S Ravi
KK Mani
G Gomati
Sethu Samaram
Dr. Hari PG
Ajith M. Pachanadan (Poet)
Ramachandran Chenicherry
Ekalavyan (cultural activist)
Swapnesh Babu
Nasar Malik
Sujabharati (Human Rights Movement) Prashant Subramanian
Rasheed Mattanchery
Baburaj Bhagwati
Abhilash Padachery
Aziz Kunnapilli
Manoj Thachani
G. Haridas, Kollam.
Govindan M.V.
Mithun .S (Njattuvela)
Thankan Thothancheri
Lukman Pallikandi
Aruvikal Krishnan
Nahas CP (Youth Movement)
Muhammad Ashraf
Rijas M Siddique (DSA)
Rameshan Kanhangad
Rajesh Madhavan
Devarajan Kollam
P. Ambika
Adv. K. Padma, Visakhapatnam

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