Speak For Mahsa Amini!

Rejaz M Sheeba Sydeek

Protest against the institutional murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini by Iran police for not properly following hijab regulations. Solidarity with the protesting Iran Muslim women who removed hijab in solidarity with Mahsa and as an act of protest against the religious fundamental Iran state!

When the state is forcing a person to wear a dress against that person’s choice, a Marxist should protest against the state. Here we should stand against Iran.

When the state is restricting a person from wearing a dress of the person’s choice, the political stand of the Marxist should be against the state. We should stand against Sangh Parivar in the political context of India.

When family and religious institutions are forcing a person to wear the dress after conditioning it, Marxists should stand against the family and religious institutions.

In this Patriarchic society, it’s the men who decide what women should wear, when women should wear, how women should wear and the measurement of the women’s dress. Protest by Iran’s women is an inspiring movement against reactionary traditions and culture! Smash all reactionary ruling class ideas!

Those who are intentionally maintaining the silence when Sangh Parivar was attacking students wearing Hijab, you don’t have any right to speak for Mahsa Amini. Because your interests are not in favour of individual rights/freedom but selective activism favouring Islamophobic Sangh Parivar. Your selective activism and collective amnesia are complicities!

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