The Two Enemies of Workers are Brahmanism and Capitalism

On 1956 October 14, i.e. 64 years ago Dr. B R  Ambedkar Denounced Hinduism. Ambedkar has called Hinduism as the veritable chamber of Horror for its Caste system. He embraced Buddhism, it may be as a protest against Hinduism which is filled with Brahmanism but only class struggle addressing class issues and caste issues can solve the problems faced by the marginalised in India.

Even if a Dalit convert into any religion from Hindusim, they will be considered only as a Dalit Convert. The public Conscience revolving around the caste is present in all religions practised in India. So denouncing caste and religion will not help the lower caste people who will be always exploited as long as the ruling class and their ideas exist. Even if a brahmin denounces his religion and caste, still he will be celebrated, considered as brahmin and will be able to enjoy his privileges socially and economically.

But that won’t be the same for a Dalit. What I meant to say is that conversion from one religion to another religion is not the solution to fight casteism and social issues surrounding, after all religon only gives a false hope to the hopeless people. Organise Militantly, Educate and Agitate against Hindutva which is the root cause.
_ Rejaz M Sheeba Sydeek

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