Lynched by CPI(M) and Arrested by Kerala Police!

Rejaz M Sheeba Sydeek

To make the deaf hear, the sound has to be loud. There are a lot of CPI(M) sympathizing common people who are deceived by the government with cooked stories which hide institutional violence and also atrocities carried out by police. To let people know about the case registered against me under IPC 153 for writing a news report on preventive detention of Muslim youths based on prejudice, me and Muhammed Haneen went yesterday to the Nava Kerala Sadas program ( so called outreach programme of the government, where the chief minister and ministers will be attending in all assembly constituencies of the state) held at Marine Drive, Ernakulam around 6pm. We carried pamphlets in the name of Democratic Students Association (DSA) protesting against the attack on press freedom by the Kerala government and demanding to withdraw the case against me.

Initially police in uniform and civil dress noticed me and asked me to come with them. I refused and threw the pamphlets in the air raising slogans, “Inquilab Zindabad, Journalism is not a crime”. People started taking the pamphlet to read. Haneen also gave out pamphlets. While we were taken by police, a mob of CPI(M) goons stormed and attacked us brutally.

I was kicked on the ground, stamped on my face several times, punched on my stomach and hands, banged on my head and poked with items including key. Haneen was also attacked brutally. Since the police were holding my hands to shift, I couldn’t defend myself. CPIM goons showed no sympathy and continued to attack us in presence of police and children. They even asked to kill me. While shifting me, I got stuck between a gate and this gave CPI(M) people more time to assault me. Middle aged and old people took part in the attack. The police in civil dress who shifted me were abusing me the entire time with filthy language until I asked him to stop it. Even when we were taken to a police jeep which was very far away, CPI(M) goons surrounded and asked the police to hand us to them. We were taken to the Ernakulam central police station and then to the Government hospital for a medical checkup. Only information was taken and no medical care was given to us in spite of visible injury marks on my body. Then we were taken to the station and detained for several hours without giving us food. Our arrest was registered and later bailed out.

Unfortunately a CPI(M) party member was mistaken as a protester and got severely attacked by CPI(M) goons and detained along with us. Though he was bailed by a CPI(M)local leader, a case was registered against him. The CPI(M) didn’t even spare a female Sub Inspector and attacked her. She was taken to hospital along with another male officer who got attacked because of wearing a civil dress.

It was my relative who is a senior leader of CPI(M) of my district who informed my parents. This was my mother’s first experience in the station, that too watching me sitting inside a cell like locked structure. My mother who became emotional at the station told me angrily after reaching home, “Let them come home asking for votes”. CPI(M) has exposed themselves before the public and unmasked their allergy to dissent and democracy before common people like my mother.

We have not committed any crime or attacked any marginalised person and while working for people, sacrifice is inevitable, so tears and blood will fall down. I was in SFI and DYFI from 2017 to 2020 and held various positions in SFI including SFI Angamaly Area Acting President, SFI Vytilla Area secretariat, Edapally SFI local secretary and unit secretary of my college. At that time i used to raise slogans, Independence, Democracy and Socialism. Dear comrades, their democracy is with terms and conditions put forward by CPI(M). They will use both police and their members to unleash violence against dissenters!

CPI(M) are social fascists!!! These photos are of my some injuries which are visible.

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