Stand in Solidarity with Prof. PK Vijayan, resist attack on our teachers; DSU

DSU_ Democratic Students’ Union – DU Unit

Prof. PK Vijayan, faculty at English Department in Hindu College, Delhi University is summoned by NIA under Amit Shah’s Home Ministry to appear before them on 14 August, in relation to Bhima Koregaon case. Recently, Prof. Hany Babu of DU was arrested in the case after an year of his witch hunting. Bhima Koregaon unveils the fascist face of the BJP-RSS state with all progressive voices being criminalized.

PK Vijayan is an eminent Marxist scholar and one of the foremost democratic voices in Delhi University. He have stood with the student movement all throughout. It is the duty of student movement to unite and resist the attack on our teachers and university spaces.

Stand with PK Vijayan, Resist fascist attack by Hindutva Brahminical forces!

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