The administration seems to have forgotten about the migrant workers

Due to the coronavirus lock-down, there are many people walking to their homes in various districts of Uttar Pradesh from Delhi to Ghazipur along the Delhi-UP border due to lack of transport services.

The administration seems to have forgotten about the migrant workers. Understand the mindset of workers. They live in the narrow areas of Delhi, spend most of their time at work, and live in the open places and slums. Without work now, they cannot afford to live in such cramped areas, and they are forced to flee because of their lack of food supplies.

The relief package was announced under the newly prepared Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana to ease the economic pain faced by migrant workers, farmers, urban and rural poor. What was it like ? The government’s responsibility is to educate them not to move away from where they live … The infrastructure they need, food and water, is never the responsibility of the government.

At present, India’s villages are very quiet and if the migration of such villages is done, the spread of the corona would be beyond the control of the country.
_ Adila T
Student Activist