There are no homes… there are no shops !

Things are not normal… things will be normal when the residence return to their homes.. open their shops…!!

There are no homes.. there are no shops..!!
All they have been burned out… despoiled… blotted out.. completely destroyed…
The scenes from the sites are horrifying…

Many people were showing the pictures of their missing brothers, son and relatives.. they have searched for them everywhere… many dead bodies recovered from the nearest naala..

Things are not normal.. not at all normal…

The presence of army men gives a little courage to people at least to visit their burned skeleton houses !! (Even though they have been deployed in the area after 72 hours)

Even day before yesterday, the same groups came with vehicles and looted the abandoned houses and shops again..

(Scenes from Shiv Vihar, Mustafabad, Delhi, one of the majorly violence affected area. Visited with friends from JNU Organising Committee)

_ Noushad Mk
From Facebook