We will continue criticizing the government’s anti-people policies; Sajid Bin Sayed

I came to know from the media reports that an FIR has been lodged against me over a tweet regarding Kashmir issue. Constitution grants freedom of expression to everyone.

The constitutional rights of Kashmiris have been denied for many years and it’s escalated since the abrogation of article 370 in August 2019. Speaking for the rights of Kashmiris is not a crime to book under 154 and 504. I believe every Kashmir citizen has equal rights as any other citizen enjoys in India. Because Kashmir and Kashmiris are part of our country. However, BJP government treats the matter in an anti-constitutional and undemocratic way. Hence we oppose it in all possible means.

The FIR is an attempt to suppress the voice of dissent and I’m not the first person been targeted for criticising the govt. There are many behind jails but still their voices echoed everywhere. We will continue criticizing the government’s anti-people policies and fight against hindutva.
_ Sajid Bin Sayed

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