Kashmir Through My Lens-Poem By Aamir Wani

Kashmir Through My Lens

_ Aamir Wani, Poet, Photographer- Kashmir

I sit here, in the mountains of Zabarwan,
In the distance I see the Dal,
This is where the mountains talk to me,
This is where you will often find me.
You’ll find me writing to the Dal
All the stories untold, All the tears
that I haven’t cried,
The sights of the half widows,
Of the disappeared child,
The broken houses, their burnt windows,
Of the graveyard where I find myself in the middle of the night, Of when smoke and dust
strips me of my sight,
The ashes immersed in Jhelum, Of all the children who lost their childhood to the gun.
Of men who didn’t survive, Of those never ending nights and the days I couldn’t see,
I’ll write even when my hands bleed here in the mountains,
This is where I belong, this is where I will be.

Photo_ Aamir Wani

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