Where Was Your Indian Constitution On July 5 2021?

On July 5 2021, the number of Bhima Koregaon accuseds dropped from 16 to 15 without no one getting acquitted! On that day Brahmanic Hindutva Indian State murdered Bhima Koregaon Case under-trial political prisoner 84-year-old Fr. Stan Swamy. He worked for People’s liberation!

He was crucified for the same by the RSS government when the celebrated Adivasi Presidential candidate of NDA, Draupadi Murmu was the governor of Jharkhand.

Like in mythical stories, Stan won’t be back from his coffin or reincarnate but the liberals and the innocents who believed that the state only targets people who pick up weapons against it, have finally woken up from their deep slumber. Stan didn’t carry any weapons or attacked government mercenaries!

He fought for the rights of downtrodden people! Without being violent in this Brahmanic Hindutva India, we cannot resist and wipe out Fascism! Even pointing out a finger, holding a placard, blockading roads, holding a rally, defying the law, songs, and streetplays is considered to be a violent act for the state!

RSS and the Central government’s stooge, NIA are responsible for Stan’s institutional murder!

Remembering Fr. Stan Swamy on his 1st Martyrdom Day!
Smash Brahmanic Hindutva Fascism!
Free all Political Prisoners!
Repeal U(A)PA!

_ Rejaz M Sheeba Sydeek

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