Government of India Should Bear the Cost of Repatriating Stranded Expatriates in Gulf

May 5 2020

We appreciate the latest Central Government initiative in the prioritized repatriation of Indians stranded in Gulf and other foreign countries following widespread requests from all concerned sections. However, the stranded expatriate Indians, especially in Gulf countries, being economically deprived on account of loss of jobs or due to prolonged stay and untoward expenses consequent on visa expiry are not in a position to bear the expenses pertaining to air travel and mandatory quarantine at the place of destination after arrival. Hence we request the Central Government to bear the expenses pertaining to travel and quarantine stay of those repatriated. Putting the entire expense of repatriation including air travel and quarantine stay at destination place on the shoulders of the expatriate workers is not justifiable at this critical juncture.

In this context, it is also not justifiable to put the burden of travel and other expenses on the deprived and stranded since the concerned Government shouldering responsibility is the internationally recognized practice in times of crisis or a pandemic situation like this.

We therefore earnestly request the the Government of India to immediately consider this issue on a priority basis, and repatriate all the stranded expatriates at the earliest without putting financial burdens on the distressed and deprived on account of COVID-19.

Kabeer Katlat (Dubai)
E A Salim (Bahrain)
Dr Abdul Khader (Saudi ARABIA)
Pradaush Kumar (Qatar)
N G Mohanan (Oman)
John Mathew (Kuwait)
C J Rajeev (Sharjah)
Faisal Bava (Dubai)
Prasannan Dharmapalan (Sharjah)
Nimisha Nishad (QATAR)
Muneer (Oman)
Baburaj Bhagavathy
Nazar Malik
Prashaanth Subrahmanian
Kunhutty Thennala(India)
Jolly Chirayath( Kerala)
M K Shaji (Delhi)
Renjith (India)
Nisha Ponthathil (UAE)
Shabeer Ismayil (UAE)
Mujeebul Rahman (Jeddah-KSA)
Sameeran (Dubai)
Mathew Antony (UAE)
Usman Irukulangara (Dubai)
Ashraf kp (oman)
Aneesh VK(Oman)
Ansari chullippara
Shaheen mohammed (Kuwait)
Akmi Baba (India)
Hudson SG ( Kuwait
Kathikodan rahmathali (Abu Dhabi )
Rajeev (Dubai)
Shahul (Dubai )
Rajeev (Dubai)

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