“Jail conditions are worse”; Phone Call from Varavara Rao

Another Phone Call from Varavara Rao: “Jail conditions are worse”

After about 20 days, the jail authorities allowed another two-minute phone call to Varavara Rao and he spoke to Akkaiah (Hemalatha, his companion) this evening. Except that we could listen to his voice and his soothing words that he was safe and secure, all that he could share in those 100 seconds or so are pathetic and worrisome. The jail is still crowded with more than its capacity. Not only that they are unable to follow physical distance, but also they are forced to be so close to breath each other’s exhalation. Usually each jail will have smaller circles inside and again each circle will have several solitary cells. Generally prisoners are allowed to be out in the circle from dawn to dusk and locked in the cell during night. Because of the crowd in the circle and coronavirus threat, Varavara Rao is being locked down in his solitary cell for 17-18 hours a day. The unhygienic and inadequate water supply is still continuing. He said he lost 13 kg weight. He listed out these problems and asked to file a petition in courts. That means, he is not able to get news or newspapers that report how degenerated the courts have become in the pandemic.
Helpless anguish and anger…

_ N Venugopal

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