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Today marks 4 years of Najeeb Ahmed’s Enforced Disappearance by ABVP !! 27-year-old 1st Year JNU MSc Biotechnology Student hailing from Middle-Class Muslim family in Uttar Pradesh, Najeeb is missing from 15th October 2016 after he was physically attacked by 9 member ABVP gang led by Vikrant Kumar on the night of 14th October 2016 in his Hostel after ABVP came for wooing voters. Najeeb’s roommate of Mahi-Mandavi hostel, Qasim said Najeeb was not into any kind of politics and was only into academics. JNU Students Union, Family members of Najeeb and other sympathisers believe that ABVP which is the student organisation of RSS is behind the disappearance of Najeeb. Delhi High Court rebuked Delhi Crime Branch and Police for its lapses and negligence in the investigation of his disappearance and the case was later transferred to CBI on May 16 2017. CBI held Delhi Police & Crime Branch guilty for fabricating evidence to establish that Najeeb left on his own from JNU campus on an auto. The auto driver was forced to give false testimony.

Why was it done? For whom? Why did Police officer advise Fatima Nafis( Najeeb’s Ammi) not to name her son’s attackers(ABVP) in her complaint to the Police?. Even the JNU administration never mentioned the scuffle he had with ABVP goons in the bulletin regarding his disappearance. The biased move by JNU administration and Delhi Police tells us that they are covering up the crime of ABVP. The Pro Right-wing Islamophobic Medias like Times Now which licks the boots of Hindutva Central Government of India even steeped to a low level by sharing Fake news that Najeeb joined ISIS.

Najeeb’s Disappearance made me remind the abduction of then Regional Engineering College (now NIT Calicut) Student Rajan who was detained by Kerala Police on March-1-1976 from his college hostel and murdered him in an illegal Kakkayam camp set up for torturing “alleged” Pro Naxal sympathisers during the Emergency Period. Fatima Nafis reminds me of Rajan’s aged father, Prof Eachara Warrier who fought a legal battle for years against then CPI- Congress Government for knowing his missing son’s whereabouts waited for Rajan’s return without knowing that his son was murdered by state police on March-2-1976. Both Eachara Warrier and Fatima Nafis had filed Haebes Corpus in Court on their son’s missing case. After years State government and Police finally admitted that Rajan was killed in Police custody. Rajan’s body was not found and it’s reported that Rajan’s body was disposed of either by dumping into Dam or by burning using Sugar. Rajan was murdered during the emergency period. The legal battle by Eachara Warrier was a landmark Human Rights Case in Kerala.

But why is Najeeb’s case sidelined by media and activists after a few years? Is Najeeb not missing during the UNDECLARED EMERGENCY called by Modi post-2014 Lok Sabha election result which fuelled Hindutva Fascism? Cow Vigilantism, Caste-based discrimination on students, lynching on Muslims-Dalits, Fake Encounters, Enforced disappearances and murder of Kashmiris, Islamophobic attacks, detention and usage of UAPA and other Draconian laws on Students, Zero Tolerance against Dissent on Hindutva has increased after Modi came into power. Let’s hope that Fatima Nafis doesn’t have the same fate as Eachara Warrier. Najeeb is just a representative of Missing Indians and Kashmiris who disappeared mysteriously.

The correct usage would be “Illegal Abduction” by Right-wing forces and Indian Armed Forces. More than 8000 cases of Enforced Disappearance were reported in Indian Occupied Kashmir alone. Fatima Nafis is just one of the victims of Hindutva who are waiting for their missing sons. We all know that these missing people come only from Kashmir, Muslim, Dalit, North Eastern states and Adivasi Communities because the ruling class is “HINDUTVA”. CBI which is under Central Government also said before the court that they don’t have any shreds of evidence and progress in the investigation after being rebuked and questioned by the High Court. On October 8 2019, The Delhi High Court allowed the CBI to file the closure report and wrap up the investigation. The court also rejected the plea of Fatima Nafis to constitute Special Investigation Team to probe her Son’s disappearance. Officially CBI closed the investigation on October 15 2018, which marked the 2nd year of Najeeb’s disappearance.

JNU Student leaders and Fatima Nafis has also pointed their finger against CBI for conducting a partial investigation, the CBI didn’t even interrogate the ABVP goons who assaulted Najeeb. Even if you are an apolitical student with an Islamic name, you will be targeted by ABVP. ABVP blamed Najeeb’s disappearance on AISA and BASO and alleged that his disappearance was part of creating Muslim identity issue for Elections. Post-2014 Modi’s Undeclared Emergency, The Dissenting campuses are getting more saffronised and attacked by Hindutva Fascists, Students leaders are brutally attacked and incarcerated in false fabricated charges. University- College Administrations and Government are providing a free hand to Right Wing Students Organisations. But the student community which had an important role & history in Freedom Struggle, Naxalbari movement, Anti Emergency Movement and Anti NRC-CAA protests will never bow before the Hindutva Fascists and will smash this Hindutva Government.
Red Salute to Anti Hindutva Student Activists

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