Modi Sarkar Should Desist From Repression; Bharti Kisan Union Ekta Ugrahan

Modi Sarkar Should Desist From Repression, The Sectarian Designs Of Communal Elements Will Not Be Allowed To Succeed…
_ Bharti Kisan Union Ekta Ugrahan

BKU(EKTA-UGRAHAN) condemned the repression let loose on the peasants by the Modi government in Delhi, and martyr a young peasant from UP by shooting him. Along with it, it has asked the peasants to beware of the devisive designs of the communal elements. It told the Modi government that today’s happenings point towards the fast spreading anger amongst peasants and the government pushing this anger towards an explosive situation by not exceeding to the demands of the peasants.

In a statement issued to the press, its President Joginder Singh Ugrahan said that their organization has successfully completed today’s protest march in a disciplined manner and in accordance with the pre-decided program. He said that it is the fundamental democratic right of the people to hold protest demonstrations on the roads of Delhi. Modi government is only after some excuse or the other to repress this right.

Today the people have successfully raised the banner of this fundamental right. Along with it he also condemned the wicked plans of the communal elements to derail this movement and use it for their own narrow purposes. He said that this struggle is being fought for the demands of the peasants, and people of all religions and castes are in support of it. These communal elements will never be allowed to use this struggle for the purpose of establishing a theocratic state.
He further added that today’s disciplined march by the peasants has manifested the aspirations of the peasants for their demands in front of the entire world, and has also exposed the anti-democratic attitude of Modi government.

The message of today’s march would have become stronger if it had been kept free from communal issues. The act of the unfurling of the religious-rule based flags will provide the government an opportunity to begin a propaganda war against the peasant movement. He emphatically stated that their is a need to mobilize energetic efforts to keep intact the secular and democratic character of this struggle, and these communal elements must be routed and driven away.
_Issued by, Joginder Singh Ugrahan, State President, BKU(EKTA-UGRAHAN)