Mother’s Day in Hindutva India!

The Fascist Party, BJP which uses the “Motherland” sentiments to emotionally blackmail the voters doesn’t have any right to speak on “Mother” except on their Gomatha…

Rejaz M Sheeba Sydeek

Every Mother would be happy to hear their children wishing, “Happy Mother’s Day” today! But In India, When privileged children wish their Mothers, there are 2 mothers, who don’t have the opportunity to receive their children’s greetings in person even though they are alive. Bhima Koregaon Political Prisoner, Prof.Shoma Sen is in jail for the last 1068 days and her daughter Koel Sen would have been wishing her mother in person today if Shoma Sen was not arrested.

Maaysha, whose mother, Adv. Sudha Bharadwaj is in jail for the last 982 days would do the same if her mother was not incarcerated in the fabricated case by Hindutva State. On one side, Mothers awaits their children’s release from jail.

Gokarakonda Suryavathi, Mother of Prof GN Saibaba ( Maoist Political Prisoner) couldn’t see her son during her last days since he is in jail for the last 7 years and even after her death, he was not granted parole to attend her funeral.

Malayali Journalist, Sidheeq Kappan’s 90-year-old mother, Khadeeja Kutty who is bedridden and on her last days awaits her son’s release who is in Uttar Pradesh Jail for the last 213 days. Like Sidheeq’s mother, there are lots of mothers who are awaiting their children’s release from jail after being detained for participating in Anti-NRC CAA Protests, Incarcerated under UAP(A) and; Maoist Cases.

From Zakariya’s mother, Beeyumma to thousands of Muslim mothers, there are a lot of mothers whose sons are undertrials for years in fabricated terror cases just because they are Muslims.

Even in other states which are governed by Non-Sangh Parivar Governments, we can see teary eyes of mothers. Coming to Kerala which is governed by Pinarayi’s LDF government, it has jailed young students and Maoist prisoners for years.

Jameela and Chandramathy, who are mothers of Thwaha Fasal and Vijith Vijayan respectively are anxious about their sons who are in jail under UAPA in Pantheerankavu UAPA Case.

The No 1 Kerala is not different when coming to dissent because they protect the ruling class ideas for serving the ruling class. The same government which showed a double stand in the women’s wall was also responsible for the tears of 8 mothers of Maoist Activists after they were killed in 4 different fake encounters. If we are about to discuss custodial deaths of Kerala after 2016, there will be a long list of mothers still waiting for justice.

On the other side, we have mothers like Fatima Nafis, Radhika Vemula and thousands of Kashmiri mothers whose children are murdered/ enforced disappeared by this Hindutva State!

Don’t forget that this Government’s history has a chapter of murdering a Muslim pregnant woman, Kausar Banu and ripping her belly and finally removing her fetus with Trishul. Expecting concern for mothers from a government who jailed Pregnant Safoora Zargar In Anti NRC CAA is foolishness. Indian Government will be drowned under the tears of Mothers!

In wake of the Covid Pandemic, All Political Prisoners should be released immediately for their safety and also for caring for their kins.
*Release all Political Prisoners!
*Fight Virus, not the Dissent!

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