The ruling class fears pens and brains!

Today, 16 November is observed as National Press Day in India. On this day I would like to remember Incarcerated People’s journalists working for the marginalized in India and Kashmir. It’s important to remember them, especially during the political era in which the ruling class fears Pens and Brains! The Pens and Cameras of the Journalists threaten the fascists! They expose state atrocities and speak for the exploited people. Don’t forget that manipur journalist, Kishorchandra Wangkhem was jailed under NSA for criticising Cow dung! This is the state of Press Freedom ensured by Indian government!

Following are the 9 Journalists who are presently in jail under various Draconian laws:

1. Prashant Rahi (Former Journalist and activist) – jailed under UA(P)A along with Prof GN Saibaba on September 1 2013 after being accused as a member of CPI (Maoist).

2. Aasif Sultan ( Journalist, Kashmir Narrator) – John Aubuchon Press Freedom award-winning Kashmiri jailed under UA(P)A, PSA since August 28 2018.

3. Gautam Navlakha ( Journalist and former editorial consultant with Economic and Political Weekly) – jailed under UA(P)A in the Bhima Koregaon Case on August 28 2018 after being accused as a member of CPI (Maoist).

4. Sudhir Dhawale ( freelance journalist and editor of Marathi magazine, Vidrohi) – jailed under UA(P)A in the Bhima Koregaon Case on June 6 2018 after being accused a CPI (Maoist) member.

5. Sidheeq Kappan ( KUWJ Delhi Unit secretary) – jailed under UA(P)A in Hathras case since October 5 2020.

6. Manan Gulzar Dar ( Kashmiri freelance Photojournalist) – jailed under UA(P)A since October 10 2021

7. Fahad Shah (The Kashmir Walla)- Kashmiri journalist jailed under UA(P)A, Sedition, Public Safety Act since February 4 2022.

8. Sajad Gul (The Kashmir Walla) – Kashmiri journalist jailed under Public Safety Act since January 5 2022

9. Rupesh Kumar Singh (Independent journalist) – People’s journalist jailed under UA(P)A since July 17 2022 after being accused as a member of CPI (Maoist).

Release all Incarcerated Journalists!
Journalism is not a Crime!
Release all Political Prisoners!
Repeal all Draconian laws!
#NationalPressDay #FourthEstate #Media #PressFreedom #India #Kashmir #DraconianLaws
_ Rejaz M Sheeba Sydeek, Fb
16-11-2022, National Press Day

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