What kind of oppression is this ?

“Yeh Kaisa Zulum Hai?” -What kind of oppression is this? laments mother of Aas Mohammed while waiting for his body along with his wife and three kids at her residence in Dayalpur, Shakhti vihar on March 9th, 2020. Mohammed’s elder daughter, wipe away the tears that were rolling down from her mother’s cheek while his youngest daughter, who is deaf and dumb helps her sister in wiping off the tears.

Mohammed had gone missing on February 25th. Then family approached the police station to ask about his whereabouts and filed a missing report. On March 9th, family received a call from police station to Identify the body that was found dead in a canal on February 28th. “His body bears deep scars and bruises,” says Mohammed’s uncle. He is one of the victim of anti-muslim pogrom that broke out in northeastern Delhi.
_ Sanna Irshad Mattoo