What makes you a proud nationalist ? Your complacence, Your comfort

When you say that “india is using its army against it’s own people” aren’t you reassirting the fact that india can own Kashmir despite having the army being at most cruel at the people of Kashmir? Kashmiris are facing this because they are Kashmiris first and the country or its army doesn’t treat Kashmiris as primarily human beings.

Kashmiris had been facing the same indian force, the ‘security forces’ who snatch away the fundamental rights, lives and dignity of people for more than seventy years. Generations gave life to the freedom movement. But, Every kid born and grown with in the ‘territory of india’, (exceptions are there)learns that Kashmir is an integral part of india, militarizing one’s own mind with the armed national narrative, the akhand bharat weapon.

Each proud indian mind is a colonizer. Each proud indian brain that approves the army in Kashmir is a colonizer. Each proud indian body is a weapon here. Every kid born in Kashmir is an aspirant of freedom and a terrorist in the eyes of the indian army you are proud of.The national idea of India has militarized it’s people, it’s government, it’s media and it’s bureaucrats.

Now, an Indian has no right to claim in the land of Kashmir as the history of Kashmir indicates it. And plebiscite is yet unaccomplished. So, before preaching nationalism let yourself be aware of the history and the current of Kashmir.
_ Mrudula Bhavani

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