28 years old, a body that is left 29 pounds is a monument of honor Mustafa Koçak

Statement about Mustafa Koçak
_ Grup Yorum

Mustafa Koçak was martyred on the 297’th day of death fasting just to be fair

28 years old, a body that is left 29 pounds is a monument of honor Mustafa Koçak…

In 2017, Mustafa Koçak was taken into custody for the statement given by a liar by a liar, Mustafa Koçak. During the arrest, the threat was suffered physical torture. They said we would rape the pregnant sister with a bag on her head. Mustafa was not a confession. They said we will give life to life. Mustafa was not a confession. They put a bag on his head and threw cold water. Mustafa didn’t give up. Mustafa has protected his honor. And he was arrested without question. Show trial were held and result: heavy life sentence. He got this punishment without any evidence. They chose him as a victim in the prosecutor’s friend’s friend. Mustafa it said that I am innocent. He said he will never bow down to their injustice. And the protest began for 297 days day by day, by day by day, he taught all the people of the world no honor or honor.

Who would want to live the punishment of a ‘crime’ between four walls for the rest of their life? The day has melt so that other people will not experience it, Mustafa.

28 years old, 29 pounds left at the age of 28…
28 years old and 30 pounds left at 28 years old…

Two brave people’s children were covered with their melt bodies against injustice. Yesterday we were helindik, today we became mustafa. They were forced to take them to hospital and put 73 points in the hospital and took them 73 times. Mustafa with all his power. He was raped by trash. He refused, he didn’t give up. Because the children of public have no choice but to resist. We have to resist. We pay these prices to protect all our rights we earn. We will always be with those who resist.

Now we present this song that fell from the pen of our helinimizin to our mustafamiza…

” from the tongue when the song of the hungry is falling from the tongue today
My friend is stronger, my friend
The beat of faith will now throw in your veins
There is love and loyalty in every breath you take

The Master says not the empty night
Give your life to will
We gave our lives all the big
We are in the fight…”

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