Journalist Aasif Sultan; 805th day in Prison!

Rejaz M Sydeek

When Hindutva Terrorists used Bullets to Silence Gauri Lankesh and scare the entire dissenting journalism fraternity, Hindutva State uses UAP(A) to do the same. Kashmiri Journalist Asif Sultan is in jail since August-28-2018 for reporting a Story on a young militant of Kashmir, Burhan Wani.

32-year-old Aasif Sultan is also an awardee of the Press Freedom Award by American National Press Club and was working with the Kashmir Narrator as Assistant Editor. He did his master’s in journalism and did works on Politics and Human Rights since Human Rights disturbs Hindutva India, Aasif Sultan was a headache for the Occupying Indian Government.

Kashmiri Journalists are the most suppressed journalists by India. They face pellets, bullets and the atrocities unleashed by Indian Armed Forces at the same time while reporting. The internet restrictions and other technical suppression by the state affect them on one side and on the other side, they are incarcerated by the state for sharing the truth to the world about the sufferings of Kashmiri people because of the Hindutva India.

Kashmiri Photojournalist Masrat Zahra was the latest victim of it. After the abrogation of Kashmir’s special status, offices of “Kashmir Times” newspaper and “Kashmir News Service” was closed by the Government.

In 2020, we have a similar example of Aasif Sultan, Malayali Journalist Sidheeq Kappan who was charged under UAPA and jailed in Mathura Jail, Uttar Pradesh when he was on his way to report the Hathras Dalit Rape Case. The so-called Largest democratic country of the world itself is destroying the fourth pillar of Democracy. The freedom of Journalism, ethics practised by Mainstream bootlicking media are a joke in India.

Maharashtra Governor, Bhagat Singh Koshyari was crying aloud for Right Wing’s mouthpiece Arnab Goswami, but he was silent when the Dalit Journalist Prashanth Kanojia was jailed. Here the interests of State becomes the interest of media and those who write, do video reports and photographs against the interests of Hindutva will be awarded the prestigious UAP(A) with Anti-National Title.

We Stand with all Dissenting Journalists who sacrificed their lives for echoing the voices of the common people. We stand with the incarcerated journalists whose Pens, Cameras and Notepads are seen as Weapons against Hindutva.

Release Aasif Sultan. Release All Arrested Journalists. Repeal UAPA. Journalism is not a Crime.

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