Kashmir; Humanity left, Human rights left and God willing, one day it will say; India Left

December 4th 2019, exactly 4 months since the siege, WhatsApp automatically deactivated Kashmiri users who have been inactive for 4 months.

Kashmiris, living outside of Kashmir, received notifications that their family, friends, and loved ones had “left” their group chats. It was a chilling reminder that it has been 122 days of the siege, where Kashmiris have been withheld from basic human rights, and are still under the oppression and tyranny of the Indian government who have forcefully cut Kashmir off from the world.

Human rights left
Humanity left
Fake democracy left
And God willing, one day it will say;
That is when our sky shall light up
That is when every ounce of blood shall be paid in full
That is when every moment of suffering shall be redeemed
That is when the red waters shall turn white again
That is when the air shall feel fresh again
That is when we shall not only cry out loud, but also celebrate:
Poem by Dar Farzan.

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