Resorting to police terror to quell any dissenting voice of the people

The arrest of 22 activists from various democratic and left-wing organizations by the Kolkata Police before the start of a protest march in Moulali against the attempt of BJP-RSS to curb any dissent against the Hindutva-fascist BJP government – from the “Chintan Shivir” in Haryana to dismantling the minimal remaining quasi-federal structure of India to creating “One Country, One Police” and opening NIA offices in every state , to “wipe out the pen-wielding Maoists”, proves that no matter how much Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool government opposes the BJP in words, it will implement anti-people schemes, suppress the voices against this exploitative system of the people, bring down state terror on mass movements, similar to the Hindutva Fascists.

On the other hand, we can also see that the CPIM, which shouts “Save Democracy” across the country, including Bengal, is filing false cases against political activists campaigning against torture in police custody in Kerala, Kerala state government’s special police force “Thunderbolt” is arresting activists in the name of Maoist suppression, having failed in the political ideological struggle with the revolutionary communists, the state is not only killing the revolutionaries but also shooting the common people in fake encounters.

On 31 October, the Progressive Youth Movement (PYM) organized a public protest meeting at Manjeri Bus Stand, Malappuram District, Kerala against police brutality in the wake of the 3 recent police custodial torture incidents. The rally lasted from 5 pm to 6.30 pm and was held peacefully. PUCL Kerala State Secretary Advocate PA Pouran inaugurated the protest meeting. CK Abdul Aziz delivered the keynote address. Yet, false cases under IPC 143, 153, 504, 149, 117(e) and the Kerala Public Ways Restriction of Assemblies and Processions Act were filed against the speakers and organizers, including Democratic Students’ Association-DSA and Progressive Youth Movement (PYM) workers.

As the crisis of imperialism looms, the Indian state, comprador to imperialism, is moving towards a police state, resorting to police terror to quell any dissenting voice of the people. The germs of fascism are present in any political party in power at various levels of the power structure of the Indian state and they are unleashing attacks on the people in different states in the same manner.

We, Revolutionary Students’ Front, strongly condemn the plans to create a police state by the Fascist BJP Government and their agents with the active support of Trinamool, CPIM and various political parties in power in various states, and call upon all democratic, progressive and left-wing forces to organize militant mass movements against this fascist attack on the people.
_ Revolutionary Students’ Front – RSF
07 November 2022

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