This Is Not Mental Illness, It Is Brahmanic Hindutva Fascist Terrorism

Rejaz M Sheeba Sydeek

“They operate from Pakistan, this is what the media of the country is showing, they have found out, they know everything, their leaders are there. If you want to vote, if you want to live in India, then I say, “Modi and Yogi, these are the two, and your Thackeray”.

These were the words said by Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable, Chetan Kumar Choudhary after killing three Muslims passengers named Abdul Kaderbhai Bhanpurwala, Sadar Mohammed Hussain and Asghar Abbas Shaikh, and his Adivasi colleague, ASI Tikaram Meena, using assault rifle on a moving train (Jaipur-Mumbai Central Super fast Express).

Railway authorities said, “Chetan Singh is a short-tempered person and suffering from mental health issues. He first shot his superior (Tikaram Meena) and then shot those who came in front of him”.

This shameless official explanation is to hide the hate behind the killings. This is not mental illness, it is Brahmanic Hindutva fascist terrorism carried out by a terrorist. Should marginalized people face the wrath of his short tempered behavior? Another official told the media, “An argument over communities took place between the murderer and his slain colleague”. The murderer anyway will be knowing that his colleague (Tikaram Meena) belongs to the Adivasi community. So an Adivasi and three Muslims were killed because of their community identity.

If the video of Chetan saying hate was not recorded and shared, people would have believed the reply by railway authorities and the incident as a random firing by a frustrated mentally ill officer instead of a hate crime against Muslims. Should marginalised people record videos of every atrocities they experience to make it believable for society? In spite of the video available on public domain, the media except few media houses reported stories without the Islamophobic background behind the attack.

Now one may wonder how he specifically picked up Muslims from different compartments ( S6, B5 and pantry car) and shot them dead. The victims were visibly Muslims with their dress and beard. Don’t forget that in Madhya Pradesh, a Hindu lawyer was beaten by police after being mistaken for a Muslim because of his long beard. I have wrote an article on that particular incident with the title, “Hindutva Lathis Eyes on Muslims”.

Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath and hate propagandas unleashed against Muslims and minorities by Sangh Parivar including Shiv Sena are responsible for this incident. The public conscience mentioned by Supreme court while giving out death sentence verdict against Kashmiri Muslim, Afzal Guru is also responsible!

Dear marginalized people, the Government will not provide you with bullet proof jackets and shield because it is them who point out guns against us. The constitution, judiciary and parliament won’t save you. Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis, other minorities, better take up weapons against Sangh Parivar.

How long will you be mere statistics in reports? For how long will you be victims? For how long will you protest and mourn? For how long will your existence get questioned? For how long will you romanticize the common people who get killed as martyrs?

When there is no defense against Sangh Parivar, casualties will be more on the side of marginalized! Resistance may be violence for the state, but it is for survival against fascism by marginalized people! Revolutionary violence is not a crime! Look at the adivasis of Central India, they are bravely fighting against the state through armed struggle. We have to accept that a civil war like thing is going on this country between marginalized and Indian state.

How many Chetans are around us? He/she is around us. Chetans are created everyday by Sangh Parivar. Though it is against the Hindutva mentality that we should fight against, we cannot talk philosophy to the terrorists raging against us.

The use of force by the oppressed is justified!
_ Rejaz M Sheeba Sydeek

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