We are successfully combating the Hindutva Virus and we are aware of Covid Virus as well

“We must stay together.Only then will we be able to survive natural disasters and combat viruses such as Corona; Cooperate with the actions of the govt administration,they say.Because it is an attempt to save everyone’s life.” This is something we always hear in times of disaster.Of course, this is important.

Here we are being ruled by a fascist government with no ethics or morals which has clear record of instigating and orchestrating massacre and ethnic cleansing.To date,no virus has killed as much as the Sangh Parivar has.
This is why women are still in Shaheen Bagh. Yes we are successfully combating the Hindutva virus and we are aware of Covid virus as well.

Photo :To prevent Covid 19 outbreak at Shaheenbag, protesters have arranged beds, in order to maintain social distancing
_ Ladeeda Farzana

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