CPI(M) for Elections – Let the Youth Lead! CPI(M)’s Kerala Police- Let the Youth Die!

Does the CPI(M) and its sister Organisations know that Shafeeq who was pronounced dead yesterday in Kottayam Medical College Hospital after being tortured by Udyamperoor(Ernakulam District) Police Kerala Police was also a Youngster who belongs to the age group of your elected representatives whose Age factor is being celebrated with the title, let the youth lead? Because of Kerala Police, it’s turning into “Let the Youth Die”. Shafeeq’s kins told to media that there are several marks of physical assault on his body including in Head indicating that he was tortured to death.

Mr Pinarayi Vijayan and CPI(M), who justifies killing Maoists and charging UAPA on youngsters, was shafeeq an armed Maoist? Killing a youngster in Kerala by Police after LDF came into power is not an isolated incident. Incomplete reports tell us that about 36 people have died due to Kerala Police after LDF came to power in 2016, most of them died in Police custody.

The last victim was 32-year old Shameer who died on October 1 2020 due to injuries inflicted by Police. Pinarayi Vijayan won’t criticise the police or take any stringent actions like dismissing them from service because he has said in 2016 when criticised by VS Achuthandan, CPI and other allies of LDF regarding Police Raj and Killing Maoists in Kerala, that there will be no measures to demoralize the policemen who work sincerely. He said the government would not listen to such incidents wherever they occur.

So the above-mentioned sincerity of Police to Kerala Government is killing the citizens through extrajudicial methods for Pinarayi Vijayan? Karl Marx has said that Police is the suppressing tool of the state. Here Pinarayi is granting extra power to Police and he remains silent when police unleash violence on common people. We doubt, who is the Home Minister of Kerala? Is it Amit Shah, Raman Srinivastav ( Present Police State Advisor to Pinarayi and the one who ordered to kill Sirajunnisa) or Loknath Behera?

"എന്‍റെ മകനോട് ഈ ദ്രോഹം ചെയ്തവനോട് അള്ളാ പൊറുക്കൂല സാറേ… അള്ളാ ആണേ വെറുതെ വിടല്ലേ, അല്ലെങ്കില്‍ ദൈവങ്ങള്‍ക്ക് വിലയിലാതായി പോകും സാറേ…"
_ ഷെഫീഖിൻ്റെ പിതാവ്
എറണാകുളം ഉദയംപേരൂർ പൊലീസ് കസ്റ്റഡിയിലെടുത്ത കോട്ടയം കാഞ്ഞിരപ്പള്ളി സ്വദേശി ഷെഫീഖ് പൊലീസ് മർദ്ദനം മൂലമാണ് മരിച്ചതെന്നും തലയിലും ദേഹത്തും മുറിവുകളും മര്‍ദ്ദനമേറ്റ പാടുകളും കണ്ടതായി ബന്ധുക്കൾ മാധ്യമങ്ങളോട് പറഞ്ഞു. #CustodialKillings #PoliceBrutality #No1 #Kerala #India

Posted by Asian Speaks on Thursday, 14 January 2021

The postmortem report of Shafeeq says he died to pneumonia. The second last victim before Shafeeq was one Rajkumar of Idduki. He was also arrested after being accused of financial fraud just like shafeeq and was tortured for days in Police station. Rajkumar’s death was due to pneumonia after failing Ill to the physical injuries from 3rd-degree methods. Shafeeq’s brother told to media that he found it difficult to identify Shafeeq’s body due to the injuries. Shafeeq’s body was in a different condition and easily couldn’t recognise it due to the wounds. The family strongly says that Shafeeq was healthy and had no injuries on his body before being arrested.

Mr Thomas Issac who is the Finance Minister of Kerala is going to present the Annual Budget tomorrow. Please do allocate some money for reforming your Police! Don’t remain silent like the Parliamentary Left /right parties does when these khaki worn goondas are murdering people! Remember that most of the police custodial death victims belong to the Marginalised Community!

Down Kerala Police!
Smash Police Raj!
Shame on Pinarayi!

Rejaz M Sydeek

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