Dalit girl raped to death in Delhi by upper caste landlord; Body cremated by police forcefully

A 17 year old dalit girl was brutally raped to death in her landlords house where she has been working as maid for around 10 days.The girl who hails from Bihar have been working in the landlords house facing sever atrocities mentally and physically and she was forced to sleep in the drivers room which she tried to inform her relatives but was restrained and threatened by the landlady.

The girls auntie had a received a phone call from the girl just one hour before the incident. Later she was found raped by the landlords son and driver, hanged in the drivers room. The family members who reached at the point weren’t allowed to see her at first, and after a lot of struggles could manage to see. Later police had shifted the body and gave no whereabouts about it to the family.

About 12 relatives of the girl, who assembled at the landlords home searching whereabouts, were taken to custody by the police and was beaten up. The police, the next morning sent the body for postmortem and allowed the family members to visit for around five minutes, later forcefully took the body and cremated in presence of 300 police officials.

So far, no FIR has been lodged in Model Town police station and the postmortem reports received raised no mention of the rape, just stating “pressure in neck” as the cause of death. The family members has been regularly protesting against this action of Delhi police who haven’t even filed an FIR and unconstitutionally cremated the body.

Today protests has been conducted along with the family members in front Model Town police station by various organisations including BSCEM, DSU(DU), Disha, SFI etc. Around ten of them was taken into the office, 5 women (In which two were relatives and three of others activists of organisations) And five men, who were activists of BSCEM and DSU and as well a reporter from Caravan.

They were brutally beat by the police, including the ACP using shoes, hands and knees. There are severe injuries caused for them. However the family members are still on the struggle to file an FIR and to take action against the unconstitutional act of cremating the body forcefully. They reinstated that they will continue their struggle until they receive justice.

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